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About Us
  Digitron Computers Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 1978 entered Information Technology (IT) arena as the sole distributor of Wang Laboratories, USA in India offering development & implementation of wide variety of business applications on Wang mini-computer platform. Leveraging the vast collective technological resources available, Digitron's mission in India at that time was to translate the goal of WANG LABORATORIES INC., U.S.A. of making computer technology easier to use and more affordable - to all the corporate in this country. Being the sole distributor in India, the task was huge and was aptly rewarded by business from large corporates in India.

The high expectations from the customers and the commitment to deliver, Digitron started its software division in 1989. The software division worked on WANG OPEN IMAGE CABINET to develop DIGITRON SMARTFILE, DIGITRON WORKFLOW. The applications developed also covered BANKING SOFTWARE, PAYROLL, SIGNATURE VERIFICATION, PURCHASE & SALES, etc.

With advent of PC class of machines and the power it offered to the user on his table, in 1990, Digitron brought its own brand of PCs "ORCHID". The scaling of the PCs proceeded right till EISA based systems.

Drawing it's strength from over three decades of experience in handling the dynamic IT scenario, Digitron developed strong customer relationships by their ability to protect customers' existing technology investments and provide latest technology backed by an excellent service and support infrastructure.

Digitron goes beyond just supplying tangible hardware to clients. They provide value-added services to diverse set of customers; be it large multi-location enterprises, small & medium enterprises or home users.

With a customer-centric approach, Digitron offers unmatched uptime for all its customers through a network of service points, innovative and user friendly functionality while continuously lowering barriers that limit access to the fruits of technology. Numerous customers spread across the country are testimony to their commitment of delivering proactively more than what customers expect.

Digitron values services much more than the tangible hardware, when they get associated with their clients. This enables them to package – Total product perspective, efficient support infrastructure, needlepoint focus on the customers' needs and constant desire to bring – Technology That Delivers. It is no wonder that Digitron is retained by their customers amidst the crowd of various other IT players that flounder with their customers.

Digitron believes that building a strong relationship with their customer is the key to their success. Understanding the dynamics of the market, Digitron is alive to the varied needs of the customer and offers the peace of mind to their customers as their IT needs are handled in a timely and professional manner. Digitron believes that it is their customers' needs what drives their business. Thus, Digitron adopted the philosophy - Driven by your needs.
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